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The origins of HIIT and Health

Oh, the adventures that HIIT has taken me on…

From running the Otter trail in a day (usually a 5 day hike), finishing marathons and the many ups and downs of trying to beat my previous personal best’s (PB’s), I am forever grateful to HIIT and its amazing community.

Some of my credentials

In addition to my love for fitness, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, an MBA, and a certificate in Nutrition Science from the Stanford Center for Health Education (SCHE), a division of Stanford Medicine.

Combining this academic background and personal experience, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and passion for HIIT with others, inspiring you to unlock your full potential and transform your life.

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Tarquin Stapa

HIIT & Health Enthusiast

I have a passion for all things HIIT. Like so many others, it changed my life and sent me on a transformative journey from leading a sedentary life, to some of the greatest health and fitness achievements I never could have imagined.

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Me vs Myself

On the many adventures that HIIT has taken me on, here are some of my personal bests (PB’s).

10Hr 24min

Ran the Otter trail in a day

11min 22sec

3000m row for time

188 calories

Max cals assault bike in 10min

1min 28sec

500m row for time

I had a goal, and it was The Otter trail run

The Otter Trail has a TrailFactor of 2.0, indicating it may take twice as long as a flat road course. Participants must cross four rivers, including the challenging Bloukrans River. The route has a total elevation gain of 8,530ft/2,600m, around 7,000 ascending steps, and eleven significant climbs, with three exceeding 328ft/100 meters.

Photo of Tarquin Stapa at the Otter Trail Run Finish line

These incredible memories led me to start HIIT and Health

High quality information and resources helps to transform your body and mind, to achieve things you never thought possible.

No Pain.

No Gain.

“Its the not the destination, It’s the journey.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tarquin pushing weight at the gym
Dumbells and Kettlebells on the gym floor
Tarquin Taking a selfie on a mountain druing a run
Tarquin on a run with a beanie and gloves on the farm