Monday 03 October 2022

Workout Plan: Bench Pump

Purpose: To improve upper body strength and power, with a focus on the chest, shoulders, and triceps, while incorporating core exercises for stability and balance.

Warm Up:

3 rounds:

  • 5 calories on any cardio machine (rower, bike, etc.)
  • 10 scorpion tails
  • 4 windmill push ups
  • 2 walk outs
  • 5 bench press building

Part A: 1RM Bench Press

Measure: Weight

Perform 5 sets of progressively heavier bench presses until reaching a 1 rep max (1RM). Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

Part B: Press it

Measure: Weight

E2MOM (Every 2 Minutes on the Minute) x 6

Round 1-3:

  • 6 bench presses (70% 1RM)
  • 12 plate pinch presses (use two weight plates, hold them together by pinching the edges with fingers)
  • 10/10 diagonal v ups (lie on your back, lift your shoulders and legs off the ground, and touch your right hand to your left foot, then left hand to right foot)

Round 4-6:

  • 6 calories on arms-only bike
  • 20 Russian twists (use a weight plate or medicine ball)
  • 8 clap push ups (explosive push ups where you clap your hands together between reps)

Muscle Groups:

  • Chest: Bench presses target the chest muscles, particularly the pectoralis major.
  • Shoulders: Plate pinch presses and diagonal v ups work the shoulders, specifically the anterior and medial deltoids.
  • Triceps: Bench presses and clap push ups engage the triceps, which are located on the back of the upper arm.
  • Core muscles: Windmill push ups, diagonal v ups, and Russian twists engage the abdominal muscles, obliques, and lower back muscles for stability and core strength.

This workout plan targets upper body muscles, focusing on improving strength and power in the chest, shoulders, and triceps, while also incorporating core exercises for stability and balance. By starting with a 1RM bench press and then moving into a superset of bench presses, plate pinch presses, and diagonal v ups, this workout aims to build strength and endurance in the upper body. The second half of the workout includes arms-only bike sprints, Russian twists, and clap push ups, which target the shoulders, core, and triceps while also improving cardiovascular fitness.

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