Thursday 27 January 2022

Workout Plan:

Pump City – Upper Body Strength and Endurance


To increase upper body strength, endurance, and muscle definition, targeting the arms, shoulders, chest, and core muscles.

Warm Up:

Hill run, then: 3 rounds:

  • 2 walk outs
  • 5 IYTs
  • 10 KB bicep curls
  • 5 push-ups

Part A:

Arms Week 1 Measure: Rounds Complete 3 x 10-minute AMRAPs:

Circuit A:

  • 20 alternating DB bicep curls
  • 15 KB bicep curls
  • 10/10 diagonal V-ups

Circuit B:

  • 8 calories arms-only bike
  • 20 close grip push-ups
  • 20 mountain climbers

Circuit C:

  • 6 chin-ups
  • 12 plate front raises
  • 8 Z-bar skull crushers


  • 50 straight bar Arnold press

The purpose of the Pump City workout is to improve upper body strength and endurance, with a particular focus on the arms, shoulders, chest, and core muscles. The workout includes a series of AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) circuits to challenge the muscles and increase endurance. The variety of exercises helps to ensure a well-rounded workout, targeting multiple muscle groups for balanced development. The finisher, featuring the straight bar Arnold press, provides an additional challenge to the shoulders and triceps, promoting muscle growth and definition.

Muscle Groups

The Pump City workout targets the following muscle groups:

  1. Warm-up: The warm-up engages a variety of muscle groups, including the chest, triceps, shoulders, core, and biceps, while also activating the cardiovascular system.
  2. Part A: Arms week 1
    • Circuit A:
      • Alternating DB bicep curls: Biceps
      • KB bicep curls: Biceps
      • Diagonal V-ups: Core, specifically the obliques
    • Circuit B:
      • Arms-only bike: Shoulders, biceps, triceps
      • Close-grip push-ups: Chest, triceps, and shoulders
      • Mountain climbers: Core, quadriceps, and hip flexors
    • Circuit C:
      • Chin-ups: Back (latissimus dorsi), biceps, and forearms
      • Plate front raises: Shoulders (anterior deltoids)
      • Z-bar skull crushers: Triceps
  3. Finisher:
    • Straight bar Arnold press: Shoulders (all three deltoid heads), triceps, and upper back (trapezius)

In summary, the Pump City workout primarily focuses on the upper body muscles, targeting the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. It also engages the core muscles, specifically the obliques, and includes some activation of the chest, back, quadriceps, and hip flexors.

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