Wednesday 25 January 2023

Workout Plan: Test Day 3

Purpose: To test running speed and endurance and to challenge overall fitness and conditioning.

Warm Up:

3 rounds:

  • 5 calories on any cardio machine (rower, bike, etc.)
  • 10 calf raises
  • 1 length of high knees
  • 1 length of butt kicks
  • 10 V-ups
  • 10/10 1-arm kettlebell swings

Part A: 600m Time Trial

Measure: Time (Speed)

Run 600m for time. This workout is designed to test running speed and endurance. Runners should push themselves to achieve their fastest time possible.

Part B: Loopy

Measure: Rounds

Complete as many rounds as possible in the given time frame.

  • 400m run
  • 15 burpee pull-ups
  • 15 devil press
  • 15 box jumps
  • 30 toe taps

Muscle Groups:

  • Leg muscles: Running, burpee pull-ups, devil press, box jumps, and toe taps engage the major muscles in the legs, such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.
  • Upper body muscles: Burpee pull-ups and devil press engage the upper body muscles, such as the shoulders, chest, and back.
  • Core muscles: Toe taps engage the abdominal muscles for stability and core strength.

This workout challenges overall fitness and conditioning by combining running with a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups. Burpee pull-ups target the upper body, devil press works the whole body, box jumps focus on lower body strength and power, and toe taps challenge the core and lower body. The 400m run adds an additional cardio challenge to the workout.

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